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About me

I am a Cyber Security Engineer working for a company called Stripe OLT. I work using primarily the Microsoft security stack but you’ll often see posts which touch on other technologies. I enjoy finding solid technical solutions, lot’s of people say that it’s about the journey not the destination. Well, in my line of work it’s definitely all about the destination. Thanks for taking the time to read and browse my blog, I hope you learnt something! Feel free to reach out to me on any of my social media channels.

About the blog

You can find all of the technologies used in my post in the tags section. Likewise you can find posts specific to a technology by clicking on the appropriate tag. The blog contains a few different sections:

Keep calm and KQL

These posts are all about KQL. How to detect threats, write alert rules or create new queries and visualisations.

The Engine Room

The Engine Room is about all things engineering. Architecture, automation, programming and more.

//More to come!